1.   All candidates NC21 must be invited

2.   All candidates NC21 must sign Confidential Agreement and email it to:

3.   All candidates NC21 must sign the Invitation letter and email it to:

4.   All candidates NC21 must send copy of their ID or Passport and email it to:

5.   All candidates NC21 must have invested on Wefunder

6.   All candidates NC21 must undergo a 30 minutes video conference training with Teresa Binghay 

7.   All candidates NC21 must achieve Level 1 within 60 days from their enrollment date

8.   All of their direct referrals includes a commission

9.   All commissions are paid within 5 days from rolling close

10.  There are 6 levels:

a) Jr. Accredited Delegate

b) Accredited Delegate

c) Sr. Accredited Delegate

d) Jr. Partner

e) Partner

f) Sr. Partner


  1. Once a NC21 candidate achieves Level 1, there is no time limit to meet requirements to move to the next level and all referrals are cumulative

  2. Only a minimum of 10 referrals or $1,000 invested amount is required each month from every member until December 20, 2021 in order to remain active in the NC21 program and have Lifetime Access.

  3. Qualifications are based on either Number of investors or Amount of Investments

  4. Once enrolled in the NC21 Special Project Program, in order for the candidate to achieve Level 1, he or she must refer within 60 days from the enrollment date, 50 investors or $5,000 on Wefunder and each of the investor must have an approved review.  Past the 60 days , the candidate will automatically be withdrawn from the NC21 Program and all privileges and access would be terminated.

  5. Every enrolled candidate, regardless of the fact they achieve Level 1 or not for each of their referred investors, will receive 5% of referred invested amount.

  6. Once the members reach Level 4, Jr. Partner, he or she can sponsor others to join NC21 Program at which point all those member’s referrals will count towards the Jr. Partner’s qualifying requirements to move up levels. Of course, not withstanding these sponsored members must be approved by Navisyo Management Team.

  7. All written communications from any candidates enrolled in the NC21 Program must be approved by Management. 

  8. Once the candidate reaches Level 1 and earns the position of the Jr. Accredited Delegate, he or she will have access to all self-development seminars hosted by Navisyo‘s Founder, Alexander Michaels. For more details, visit

  9. Starting Level 4, Jr. Partners have access to two important benefits. Access to NC21 marketing budget to support their mission and a position in exclusivity within the Ambassador Program for a region ( see Management for more details).

  10. Starting Level 5 , Partner, the member is offered Annual Employment Contract with salary + Commission. This salary amount is based on USA Salary Standard Metrics. Position is remote.

  11. Only at Level 6 , Sr. Partner, the member is offered an Annual Employment Contract with salary + Commission + Purchase Equity Option. Navisyo will sponsor the Sr. Partner to work in USA.