Alexander possesses firsthand, multicultural business experience across three continents. He has succeeded time and time again in various, challenging entrepreneurial endeavors.


He seizes opportunities by peering through the lenses of each country’s unique business culture. Alexander is also a highly detailed manager who believes that long-term planning is key to successful execution of any project. He is one of those rare people that has lived and worked for decades in both the Western and Eastern world. He can bridge cultural gaps flawlessly and succeed virtually anywhere he goes. 


If you have a chance to work or invest in Alexander - I suggest you take it. I’ve never met someone with more experience, or a bigger worldwide business network. He knows how to execute, and take an idea into an operational business. I have seen this firsthand.


That is why when given this rare opportunity to become a Lead Investor in Navisyo, I didn’t hesitate. Great concept and great leadership are two things I always look for when investing, and this company has them in spades.



I know the story behind Alexander’s idea of Navisyo; and that’s the story which reveals a deep passion for the sea, sailing, adventure and people who make the combination of the above possible - the sailors and boat owners. 


That’s also a story which resonates with me a lot - and also his faith that allowing sailors to share their love of the sea with other people and giving more travelers an opportunity to touch the world of sailing will make life better. I personally discovered the sailing not long ago before getting to know about Navisyo; I truly believe more people deserve to open it for themselves; and I know Alexander is very human-centric in his approach to this venture and wants todo everything to make both communities - sailors and travelers - happier; not just to built a profitable business. 


The best Airbnb hosts are passionate about the place they live in; and 99.9% of sailors are passionate about the sea and their boats; so Navisyo is destined to bring into the world a remarkable travel experience

I have known Alexander for over 3 years. I have become a very close friend to Alexander over the years and feel that I am in a good position to assess his character and vouch for him on a personal level and for his project. 


Alexander is highly committed to seeing this project become a reality. He is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills are excellent and he is an incredible businessman. 


In summary, I highly recommend and vouch for Alexander as his friend but also as an astute investor. I can say without a doubt, to all those thinking of investing in Navisyo, you are betting on the right horse! 


Alexander will operate with integrity, he will surround himself with the best people and see to it that Navisyo becomes a huge global success.


Alexander! This unique name has created an international story linking two worlds with a very distinct approach inspiring all to see the world in a brighter light and enjoy life while being gently rocked by the oceans. It has been more than two years now that I have know Alexander. We have often shared ideas and philosophy about life today and how one man with a great idea can change the world, transforming it into a better one.


People need a platform to express themselves, find their higher purpose so Navisyo can become that platform for many people out there. Alexander’s fantastic mentality and positive outlook in life surprise me. I can vouch with all confidence, with my mind and heart for this man and his project. As an engineer officer in the Marine and as a superintendent engineer I have inspected hundreds of large ships across the world. I have negotiated from country to country with authorities to assist the ships. 


I am fluent in six languages and I have spent my life across 205 countries so I feel I am an excellent representative of the Maritime world and I find Alexander’s approach the future for the industry . Now away from the ships, I am an instructor with the British of South Hampton University College in Greece. I oversee the marine academy department preparing the new generation of engineers officers. This is my contribution to the sea.





The story of Navisyo is so personal to me. 


Having worked with Alexander Since 2011 I know the kind of person he is and it has been a privilege to be part of his project. His business skills is vast. For me, he is unique and an extraordinary man with a grand vision. 


Alex creates a business not only for his own sake but it goes way beyond that frontier. He is always thinking of the people, people from all walks of life. I have been inspired by his great fighting spirit and his never ending enthusiasm and quest to change the world! I can vouch for him on a business and a personal level as I am one of his mentee in the business networking world. 


Now, as I am a proud member of the team, I am sure Alex will surely set the world on fire with this new venture and you will never regret jumping aboard our ship and it will sail to new horizons and offer so many new opportunities for the people.



As an entrepreneur mom I have educated my children on their earliest stage and had ensure to train my kids on the value of business and investment. Upon seeing my youngest son struggle, strive and then see him grow successfully, I will definitely go with his journey on what he believes in and that is Navisyo!


This time he’s the one whose sharing his knowledge and passing it to our family as a tradition and security for the next generations. Go Navisyo, no stopping in your revolution of changing peoples lives like ours. Thanks to founder Alex for this legacy.



I am a good friend of Sir Julius and Mam Teresa investors of Navisyo. We are all OFW in UAE looking for a green Pasteur. I am blessed to know the 2 of them.


They are trustworthy, philanthropist, and both successful in life. A visionary like them must be followed to enable me to succeed as a leader and influencer.


I want to be part of the success of Navisyo and this is an opportunity that I should never ever miss.



This an amazing concept that has broken down many barriers in the boat share business orbit. The owners have a lot less risk as this is a lot tighter with who drives boat/yacht. It opens a whole new world of traveling options that are safe in these uncertain times. It provides an unforgettable experience for the guests, and opens up the opportunity to people who have never experienced the pleasure of staying on board a yacht that they normally would not have.


There are multiple areas of income that the yacht owner can receive from an asset that rarely provides revenue streams. The Marina owners will see a whole new group of people being exposed to the yachting lifestyle that may become new owners. It crosses age groups, and even income groups that would not have this opportunity.


Yes, it is a very cool concept.





Upon the advice and guidance of my dearest uncle, I definitely would never miss with the new trends of investments. A lot of crap going on out there. I felt so good to know about Navisyo and I would not allow to be left behind.


Our whole clan had been crazy about it for days now and I truly trust my uncles advise and what he believes in and so I do trust Navisyo too, in taking care of my new portfolio.


Navigate us to greater vastness of earning and learning team Navisyo! Thanks Mr Alex for this amazing opportunity.


Can’t wait to try their offers! I always wanted to my family to experience the world from the sea and Navisyo’s mission is to bridge these two worlds. Many people would never ever think this to be an option. I can just imagine waking up on a boat in a beautiful marina, perhaps St. Tropez?


I believe in this concept but I also believe in the mission and its team.


Navisyo the “Airbnb of the seas” is a game changer!


I love the investment opportunity and be able to witness the Billion $$ industry grow just like the transcending success of Facebook and Uber. Together with the tycoons I look up to who invested and believed in Navisyo’s platform, I’m confident that we will all going to enjoy not just the perks of sailing around the world but also the lifetime rewards that goes with the investment.


More power Alex and dynamic Navisyo Team!



Investment is like life, we take risks but if were able to embrace a challenge with a great mindset, we reap the rewards later.


Navisyo will definitely set that for all of us who risks because we so trust and believe that the best team is gathered here and its founder Alexander is one great humanist that puts other peoples welfare before himself.


Thank you Navisyo.


I would like to someday have some token of appreciation to the founder of Navisyo Alexander Michaels for giving us this so rare opportunity in partaking a super best deal investment ever!


Despite the recent crisis, Navisyo opened door of blessings for us to have something to look up for in the next early years to come! Best decision I ever made this 2021.


All the goodness for the Navisyo team.



The nice thing about being an investor in a start up is the thrill to know whats next of our trusted Navisyo and its team to surprise us. I appreciate the resilience of the team to rise up and head forward this business at this so crucial time.


Cruise up Navisyo team and salute to founder Alexander.



I am looking forward to seeing Alexander’s new venture come to life as this particular venture is truly fitting our new era and will no doubt bring opportunities to many people around the world. 


Gifted in creating win win concepts and passionate about connecting people from any walks of life, Alexander is driven and determined to make this venture once more a successful one.



I have been impressed with Navisyo’s Project Manager Lucie. Her straightforward communications and her attention to detail while pursuing projects is notable. 


Her capabilities as a manager and organiser are characteristics that would compliment any team that she is a part of especially a visionary startup such as Navisyo.



I have known Alexander for many years. He is an experienced and resourceful businessman with a lot of novel ideas. But Alexander is not only a businessman, he is also a wonderful human being who takes care of his customers, suppliers and staff. 


I can vouch for his integrity. He has all the necessary competence to bring Navisyo to the world and make it a huge success. Navisyo offers so many new opportunities to boat-owners and travellers alike that I can’t see this project fail.



I met Alexander while traveling the world and ever since he has been an inspiration for me.


His approach to life in general is contagious and energizing. The uniqueness of his project made feel immediately attracted to be part of if.



I used to work as Alexander’s executive assistant twenty years ago in another start-up company he had created. That venture quickly became a huge success and I watched same grow from a small operation to a global one. Those years, working side by side with him, became the best professional years of my life. 


Alexander always took care of his people and made sure successes were always celebrated with the entire team. I know his personal commitment, his perseverance, always driven by passion will bring this project once again to a glorious success.



Not always in life the most special people you know are the ones you have known the longest. When I met Alex I felt a special connection. 

I realized that I had found one of those people who live life with intensity, who put all the illusion in what they do but above all that what they do they do with a deep respect for the values ​​of honesty and humanity. 


For me it is a great pride that a professional like Alex appeared in my life and invited me to embark on this exciting project that is Navisyo. I am fully confident that this crew with this great captain will arrive safely at a port called success.


Thanks Alex for letting me sharing this journey!



The Navisyo booking platform is something I really want to see and use as I love to travel and love the water! 


How cool would it be to stay on a boat overnight instead of booking a room inside a building with maybe a small view of the sea! I can’t wait to experience this!!!!


I spend all my holidays near the water, always staring with envy into marinas, looking at those privileged people having their dinners on the deck of their boats and then I thought maybe one day I too can experience these magical moments onboard a boat.


I do not care for these disruptive concepts that aims to remove the human aspect out of the experience. This is why I like the feeling and the tone of Navisyo’s approach as their intent is to include vs exclude the people and the marinas.


I know in my heart this company will succeed.



Always great to start investing at an early age and at this challenging time. Breaking the norm of keeping savings in the bank, I opt to put my learning in family finance to save and invest in great start ups or business.


I believe Navisyo and Founder Sir Alex will sail smoothly later on. Few storms to pass but with the amazing team Navisyo got, I know how will my investment worth by the time I am 26 years old.


God bless the Navisyo team! Sail with you soon!



Investing at this time is the best for us. Our parents brought us up perfecting finance and audit budgets starting from home, university and personal allowances.


I also trust Navisyo team is under the big ocean of intellectual resource through Sir Alex. He had been a great and good friend of our Mom, the current Ambassador Program Director of this soon to be huge business platform.


All the best to Sir Alex and the Navisyo team.



My favorite spots are in Greece and I always wanted to sleep on a boat in one of those romantic marinas, sounds more fun and exciting to be on the water!


Lastly I invested because I know the owner personally, I value his competences and I also trust Lucie will support this mission to her best abilities.



Being chosen by wefunder amongst the few companies to raise a crowdfund campaign is not an easy one. Navisyo just nailed it with flying colors, closing and attracting different investors around the globe. Navisyo will go phenomenal and I can’t wait to be part of that event.


Goodluck Founder Alex and the best team ever of Navisyo!


As an entreprenuer I always find new opportunities around the corner with great friends and I see Navisyo is one of the companies to look out for in the coming days.


All the best to the team!



I decided to join Navisyo as one of the early investors to support its mission in supporting boat owners affected on this pandemic and at the same time I get to set myself a great future.


I look forward to Navisyo's growth from now until it reaches its goal to make lives like mine better and prepared. Given the year 2020 challenges and what I have been through, I am hoping this year onwards will be better for all to sail smoothly.


Happy cruising Navisyo team!



Seldom do I involve in this kind of unique investment. We are used to the traditional style and a new learning on this venture is additional and ideal way to keep myself updated at the same time the advocacy of the Navisyo founder Alex and team is really going to hit the world by storm!


Best wishes Navisyo and glad to be part of you.



As an entrepreneur I seek to adventure the high seas of doing different investments that will give me good returns in the future.


Navisyo just does that, not to forget that the founder Alexander Michaels mentions the foundation of this business is for the people and by the people, I so like that part.


Sail high Navisyo and team.



Investment is important to accomplish one’s financial goals and provides buffer for unforeseen expenses that may arise in future.


Investing refers to long-term commitment, as opposed to trading or speculating, which are short-term and, therefore, amount to higher risk. Intelligent investing is the key to build wealth.



I believe in this project wholeheartedly because it is aiming to help people recover from this crisis.


As always people most affected by crisis are those underprivileged and so I am particularly interested in Navisyo’s Ambassadors Program as it is created to provide people with opportunities.


Jorge Rivas me presentó la oportunidad de invertir en Navisyo, después de estudiar la operación decidí aprovechar la oportunidad.


Jorge es un referente en el mundo de la navegación en España..



As an educator, it is an overwhelming feeling that I continue to learn new things and one of it is investing in the right company at this very challenging time.


I trust Navisyo will succeed with founder Alexander as the captain and with the best Navisyo “crew”!


Goodluck Navisyo.



I would love to start early in terms of investing in this very reliable venture with Navisyo! The offers of why I invest here is at par with none and I will keep increasing my investment in the nearest future to maximize my chance to earn more!


Good luck Navisyo team and looking forward to cruising together soon!



I look forward to Navisyo's rise. I feel its power already from the testimonies of real people around me.


Thanks to its founder Alexander putting up this company and team.


Have a smooth sailing Navisyo!



I really believe in this idea and I am so happy to be a part of the Navisyo team!


As a yacht broker, I really believe in the idea of online yacht charters through a user friendly platform.



Being a housewife, I’ve been very busy at home and taking care of my grandchild. I am wanting to have my own investments without exerting so much effort.


Thanks my family for encouraging me to invest with Navisyo. I am now happy and excited to be part of of this soaring start up.


Thank you also to founder Alex. Sail high Navisyo!.



Even with the pandemic, Navisyo opened an opportunity that we can look forward to for our future.


Best time to invest and excited to see the success of Navisyo and its team.



As a cruiseline cullinary arts degree holder, I always had a dream of working as a seafarer but California changed my perception of working onboard, became a land based chef instead.


Luckily, the opportunity of Navisyo investing shared to me is a dream come true, not to be working but to enjoy the future of having a passive income that surely Navisyo will attain.


Good luck to the Navisyo team!



The concept and its innovation is one of the best so far. The team has done a very good job and looking forward to sail and succeed with the company.


All the best to founder Alex and the best team!



I love the idea of sailing and experiencing nature at its best with real sailors but who ever thought this would one day be possible or even affordable for a person like me? 


Navisyo wants to make this a reality. Bon voyage, I will one day be that person who will definitely use Navisyo!



Alex’s project is the most original and exciting business idea that I’ve known of in a while, when he invited me to join I accepted gladly. 

His team, the concept, the moment in the world that he chose to do it and the characteristics of him as a leader are the perfect storm for a successful project.



Investing at a young age and in this perfect time of digital advancement despite the pandemia is a dream come true. 


Recommended by the Ambassador Program Director, our family believes Navisyo will be the big one on the market and no doubt Founder Alex pursues his purpose, and that is to make this world a seaworthy place to adventure.



I do not know, but we hit it off immediately and I do trust Alex. A brave Miami soul from the 80´s can pull Navisyo forward and, I, as a Miami Soul mate can not refuse to be by his side.



I am confident in the delivery of this project because Alexander and his team have the energy and skill to evolve this huge potential market, with a very impactful sustainable model.



I’m so positively excited for the start and the growth of Navisyo ...going all over the world. With a perfect, technical and marketing, Marketplace and the marketing expertise of Alexander success will be there quickly.



This is a great idea and I think it will be revolutionary. This will give access to those who can´t afford boats at better rates.



I will not let pass an opportunity shared by a trusted relative confident that the team heading this future tech giant are trustworthy and will make this venture huge and beat most of the companies on top now.


From the concept to the advocacy of its founder Alexander Michaels, I am sure I am more than winning a lottery!


Go for the oceans of endless success Navisyo team!



My entrepreneurial side made me catch the almost closing campaign of Navisyo. No doubt the team and Founder Alexander are excited as I am for the upcoming revelations of events for the next weeks or months.


Take it to the top Navisyo and team!


The world is watching...


As a father, you are thinking about the future of your family, especially now that you can not see what can happen tomorrow or the next day, it is good to have Navisyo, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it, thank you founder Alex.


Happy sailing!



I love boats, I love sailing, I love investing, I love living off my investments, I LOVE Navisyo!


So happy to be part of Alexander team!


Having great parents whose so concerned of their childs future is amazing. I value their coaching on having insights of early investing in businesses like Navisyo.


I feel this opportunity came from heave for our family and we are all brought together in here to gain more learnings.


Thanks Navisyo!



I am glad to be finally part of this great team. Thanks for my family for introducing this kind of investment.


This will help me feel secured and to grow my hard earned savings.


Looking forward for the success of Navisyo!



Having a passion for travel, I got curious with the newcomer Navisyo. I find the concept and the marketplace interesting which made me think of investing.


Take us to great seas of success Navisyo team!



He is a people builder. Any good business needs people as a team of customers and colleagues working for a common cause and Alex can achieve that with his good grasp of emotional intelligence internally and social awareness for relationship management.


He is reliable, honest and has a good eye on keeping his ROI and expenses in line.



I heard of the project from my best friend few months ago and I thought it was a great idea. Even though the coronavirus is slowing things down and it causes problems for many people I realized that Navisyo will offer something different. 


I like the part where everyone can become an ambassador of the brand and receive compensation for referring travelers to the site. This would offer opportunities to earn some income. 


This is why I support Navisyo all the way.



Having traveled the world my entire life, the business model and platform makes perfect sense in today’s global, social, and travel environment.


Years ago while posted in Europe, I visited a friend in Volos, Greece and watched with amazement a number of luxury yachts anchored at town’s beautiful marina, many without occupants. 

Now I’m thinking, with Navisyo, what I saw in Volos is an example of what a wonderful Airbnb type “Sea Change” can be experienced by leveraging unused capacity for both yacht owners, leisure travelers and business leaders.



I have been a part of Sir Alex business ventures and I found great leadership under his wing. Navisyo is already taking the world by storm, and it will continue until the teams advocacy is met. That’s how I look forward to it soaring the high seas of success.


Thanks for this opportunity Sir Alex and glad I am part of it.


All the best to the Navisyo team.



I’m a lifetime Ocean and monohull lover, a big blue romantic. Having been self employed for over half my life, I’ve enjoyed the rollercoasters of several startups where I was blessed with support and inspiration.


I feel it's a great opportunity to give something back, and to an organic project (P2P) related to a passion/privilege of mine; the Ocean.


I have a good feeling about this project and the people involved, so here goes :-)



I think it is great to see start-up companies creating opportunities despite the crazy time we are living in.


I want a piece of anything that is positive and any initiative that offers us all hope for the future.


I am in, all in when it comes to rebuilding a better tomorrow!



Navisyo is a concept whose time has come. I have spent over 25 years in the maritime industry in a professional capacity and have traveled extensively for both business and pleasure.


For someone like me this is ideal in terms of being able to combine my life’s work with one of my life’s passions.